Transfer Students

Students who are applying to transfer into C.C.B. School of Atlanta from another institute should submit the following.

Required Documentation:

1. Completed C.C.B. Application and C.C.B.Transfer Form.
2. Copy of the previous, valid I-20
3. Copy of Passport & Visa & I-94
4. Financial documentation (showing adequate funds to cover the tuition payment and all other expenses); accepted forms of financial documentation include the following:
i. Student’s current bank statement;
ii. Bank statement of direct family member (also send proof of family relationship);
iii. *Affidavit of support I-134 (notarized) if sponsored financially by a sponsor with sponsor’s bank statement
*all forms can be found online in the Admissions main page


Application Fee + Placement Test Fee: $150 + $20
Tuition for 1 Session (8 weeks): $1390
Total: $1560

*Note: all payments made by credit card will be charged a 3% service fee.


After all required documentation and fees are received by C.C.B., the school will begin processing the student’s application.
Please keep in mind any students applying to C.C.B. from another SEVIS approved school must notify their attending school first and inform them of their plans to transfer. Once the Transfer Form has been submitted, we will draft an Acceptance Letter and fax this document with a signed Transfer form to the currently attending school.  Then it will be the attending school’s responsibility to transfer the student’s SEVIS records over to C.C.B.  At this point, a new I-20 will be created for the student by C.C.B., in which the student has fifteen (15) days to sign the new I-20.

This new I-20 form from C.C.B. acts as an official documentation regarding your transfer to another school, and thus no further approval is required by the government. An appointment must be scheduled to take the placement exam; afterward, a meeting should be scheduled with a faculty member in order to discuss the exam results and be recommended to the appropriate level course;

Please note that all transfer dates must be approved by both C.C.B. and the school from which the student is transferring from.

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