International Students

C.C.B. School of Atlanta is authorized by SEVP (the Student and Exchange Visitor Program) under I.C.E (the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement) to issue I-20s and instruct F-1 Visa students through its programs of study.  Thus, C.C.B. is able to issue SEVIS authorized I-20s. (School code: ATL 214F 01875000).  The following procedures outline the extra requirements of international students enrolling with an F-1 Visa.

Overseas Applicants (Initial Entry)

Students who are applying from outside the United States must provide the following documentation to C.C.B. in order to begin the process for I-20 issuance
a) *Completed Application Form, (please have the correct home address & exact date of school start)
b) Copy of passport
c) Financial documentation (showing adequate funds to cover the tuition payment and all other expenses); accepted forms of financial documentation include the following:
i. Student’s current bank statement;
ii. Bank statement of direct family member (also send proof of family relationship);
iii. Affidavit of support I-134 (notarized) if sponsored financially by a sponsor with sponsor’s bank statement.
*these forms are available for download on our website under “Forms” and can be scanned and emailed to our school,


1. C.C.B. School Application Fee + Placement Test Fee : $150 + $20
2. Tuition for 1 session (8 weeks): $1390
3. USCIS SEVIS I-901 Fee: $200
Why pay the fee? (
4. Mailing Fee: $75
Total: $1835

*Can pay fees through credit card, check, money order
*Must pay all fees before application process starts
*Note: all payments made by credit card will be charged a 3% service fee.


1. Once the completed application is submitted and all fees are received, C.C.B. will produce the essential documents required by the student within five (5) business days. At the very least, documentation will include an official Letter of Acceptance and the I-20.
2. Once the I-20 form has been completed, C.C.B. will send the form, along with other school orientation documents, directly to the student, or upon request a representative for the student may pick them up from the office. The following procedures should then be followed by the student-
a. Begin the application process with the U.S. Embassy for a Student (F1) Visa and schedule an interview. Both the visa application process and interview process are very important and students are strongly encouraged to become familiarized with both and gain as much information as possible. C.C.B. can provide as much information as the student needs about both components, and students can feel free to ask any questions they may have.
b. Upon receiving approval for an F1 visa, students should contact C.C.B. as soon as possible and update the school about the approval as well as other relevant information. The student should schedule to visit the school once they enter the United States for orientation.
3. On their first visit, the student should bring the following to the school: Passport, I-94, F1 Visa, and Original I-20. Copies will be made for school records and the originals will be returned to the student.
4. An appointment must be scheduled to take the placement exam and participate in the student orientation. During this appointment, the student will be placed in a level based on the exam results.
5. Any changes from the originally stated information in the application, including the address of residency in the United States or any other contact information should be notified to C.C.B. as soon as possible.

**Visa Denials – If a student is denied a visa to enter the United States, they are eligible for a tuition refund.

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