Change of Status

C.C.B. School of Atlanta can assist students in changing their current visa status to an F1 Student Visa.

B1/B2 students may not begin a full course of study until their change of status has been approved.
J1 and other visa holders may begin study as soon as they are F-1 visa holders.
Due to the complex nature of changing one’s status, C.C.B. recommends that the student employ the services of an attorney to oversee the process.  Referrals can be given upon request.

Those who wish to enroll at C.C.B. and also change their visa status must submit the following:
a) Completed C.C.B. Application
b) Copy of visa, passport, and I-94 (including those of dependents)
c) Financial documentation (showing adequate funds to cover the tuition payment and all other expenses); accepted forms of financial documentation include the following:
i. Student’s current bank statement;
ii. Bank statement of direct family member (also send proof of family relationship);
iii. Affidavit of support I-134 (notarized) if sponsored financially by a sponsor with sponsor’s bank statement.
*these forms are available for download on our website under “Forms” and can be scanned and emailed to our school,


Application Fee + Placement Test Fee: $150 + $20
Tuition for 1 Session (8 weeks): $1390
USCIS SEVIS I-901 Fee: $200
Total: $1760

*Note: all payments made by credit card will be charged a 3% service fee.


After all required documentation and fees are received by C.C.B., the school will begin processing the student’s application, and will issue an I-20. At this point, the student must go through the process of changing to an F-1 visa status.
Please keep in mind the following:
–Students approved for a change of status must start classes within two weeks.
–Please schedule an orientation meeting at the earliest possible time prior to your start date.
*If your address or other contact information has changed from your original application, please notify the school immediately.

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