Student Testimonials

I studied at C.C.B. for two years. During that time, my English improved so much. The teachers there are really good at teaching and they helped me a lot while I was studying there. The TOFEL class in particular was very beneficial before I went to college.

-Ming-Yang, Taiwan

Got accepted to Georgia State University’s B.S. degree program in Computer Science


C.C.B. School of Atlanta was the first school I applied to in the US. Everything was strange and new to me, but I adjusted well because of the school. I am thankful to the teachers and director for everything. Without them, I would not be able to continue my studies.

-Dan, Vietnam

Got accepted to Georgia State University’s B.B.A. degree program in Computer Information Systems


I love C.C.B. because it is the best school to be in. Every member associated with C.C.B. including the owners, directors, and teachers are the best. As an international student, it is difficult to communicate at times but they give you motivation to talk and built your confidence.

-Jasmin, India

Got accepted to The Art Institute of Atlanta’s A.A.  degree program in Video Production


C.C.B. is an inviting and safe environment where students are enthusiastically and meaningfully engaged in their education. It is not only about scores but it is about knowledge and learning.

-Sheetal, India


First, all the teachers at C.C.B. make an effort to teach the students to improve English language skills by preparing various materials according to the lesson plan. They lead the class with their own style. I can practice English in the various area from casual conversation to writing academic essays. All the teachers care about students’ progress and encourage them to focus to move forward. Second, C.C.B. is very well-organized, systematic, and clean. The administration follows the rules and procedures so it provides stable system for studying. The staff are very friendly and support students by advising students’ concerns in living as well as studying. Last, the location of the school is great! Many convenient facilities and stores are close by the school such as H mart, the Duluth post office, Duluth public library, etc.

-Ock Hee, S. Korea


C.C.B. is a great school. Studying at C.C.B. has always been such a great experience. The teacher are knowledgeable, and well prepared to teach. In addition, they are always happy to help the students whenever they need. Among many things that I  admire at C.C.B. is that, if a student is having a hard time understanding the subject or assignment, the teachers are always there to help. Moreover, the teachers at C.C.B. always maintain a friendly environment in the class so as to facilitate ease of communication with the students. This makes learning so much easier and exciting but most importantly, it helps students understand the lessons and acquire good grades every session.

-Ludmila, Angola